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newest to oldest. just looking through online photos and pretending to have a theme.

Image hosted by
i eat famous people.

Image hosted by
i call famous people.

Image hosted by
i pet famous people.

Image hosted by
i smoke famous people.

Image hosted by
i emulate famous people

Image hosted by
im angsty over famous people.

Image hosted by
i take showers with famous people.

the end. :)

no naked, sorry bout that. (not really)
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hooha! thanx. im a dork most of the time.
dorks are hot. ;)

Deleted comment

trying to get your attention
pic 4 is pure sex....i still kindof love you..or something....move here :P
:) that made me smiiiile.
those are some great pics. You're really cute.
well thank you. sometimes i can the itch to click, but most of the
actually, the only pics i like are ones i take myself!
well then that makes two of us.
i completely have that armor for sleep hoodie.

i love you. kthanks.<3 ;]
i think thats probably the best hoodie ever. not so much for the band, but for the fact it says armor...
i think its poetry
hey hey hey! how are you? i haven't spoken to you in ages, i miss reading yr journal for all it's robot love and cuteness, can i be added back again? no worries if not, it's all good :)
done and done.